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2020 CIBA Paranormal Fiction Awards First Place


2018 CIBA First in Category award for Paranormal and Supernatural Fiction


2018 CIBA Paranormal Book Awards for Supernatural and Paranormal Fiction


2017 OZMA Book Awards for Fantasy Fiction

SUBURBAN VAMPIRE is an attention grabbing thriller from the start, with twists and turns combined with just the right amount of romance and humor.


“(Suburban Vampire) is an entertaining… pastiche of the modern vampire-as-action-hero story… the sections of vampire politics, warring factions and explosive Matrix-style sword and gun battles are… enjoyable.”

Ben Miller-Jarvest, IndieReader.com

An enjoyable story. 4.5 stars. Looking forward to the 2nd book!

Dave (at Goodreads.com)

“I am not usually interested in Vampire stories. On a recommendation from a friend, I thought I would try it out. Besides, the title caught my attention. This story is written in such a way that I couldn’t put it down. It grabs you by the neck, so to speak, and won’t let you go! Long story short, it’s a vampire story for those who don’t like vampire stories! The plot is fast paced and the characters are well developed. This is a very good read! Well done Mr. Posner!”

J Lowry

“I am not usually a fan of urban fantasy vampire stories. This one is better than most. The author put a lot of work and thought into his first novel. The plot moved along. Characters were engaging and believable.

There are a few rough edges, particularly with language, but those will get better with experience. He is worth following.”


Todd Ellner