New Year Status Update

Well, it’s 2018 now. That means the Earth has gone all the way around the sun again. But what does that mean for yours truly? Well, hopefully fame and fortune (Might as well dream big, right?). More down to the previously-mentioned planet, what can you, the reader, realistically expect from me this year (other than hoping that Suburban Vampire makes the NYT Best-seller list)? Let me give you a complete status update, which includes discussing my future projects:

  1. This year, 2018, I plan on publishing the sequel to my first novel. The title of this project is Suburban Vampire: Ragnarok (not to be confused with Thor: Ragnarok). I have submitted this work to a couple publishers, but unless a miracle happens, I will probably end up self-publishing this one as well. The story is set about five months after the end of Suburban Vampire, and is centered around what in film and literary terms is called a McGuffin (check out Wikipedia’s definition here: which was revealed in the conclusion to the first novel. This object is called the box of Huginn and Muninn. Its significance was alluded to in the conclusion of Suburban Vampire, and it will be played out over the course of the second novel.
  2. The third novel in the series is tentatively titled Suburban Vampire: Reckoning. This novel is complete and only needs final editing before it is ready to go. This novel will have an overall darker tone than the previous two.
  3. The fourth novel in the series, also complete, is tentatively titled The Holy Death (what do you know, there’s no Suburban Vampire in the title!).
  4. My first non-Suburban Vampire novel, titled Thorn, is also complete and only needs editing. It is set in the Suburban Vampire universe, but with entirely different characters and an entirely different feel — I describe it as a “Hard-Boiled Supernatural Detective Noir” — think Mickey Spillane meets Charlaine Harris. I set out to create a protagonist who is not easy to like, and I think I accomplished that. It is overall the most sophisticated and nuanced work I have yet done.
  5. I am currently working on (again, tentative title) Suburban Vampire: Book of Origins. This will be an anthology-like work that goes into the backstory of some of the non-Scott Campbell vampires from the Suburban Vampire series, including Jeremiah, The Inquisitor, Elizabeth, Father, and Jack. As this is a work currently in process, that is all I can share about it at this time.
  6. Already begun, but currently on hold, is the fifth novel in the Suburban Vampire series, tentatively titled Suburban Vampire: Redemption. I broke ground on this one before putting it on the back burner to work on Thorn, Book of Origins, and some short stories.
  7. Speaking of short stories, I’ve got about five of them, all part of the Suburban Vampire universe. When I’ve written a few more, I’ll consider putting them together in an anthology. That’s off in the future a bit, though.

And yes, I do have other ideas running around in my mind, including a YA novel and other projects that don’t involve vampires. But those are for another time. In the meantime, stay tuned to this channel for more news and information! And have yourself a Happy New Year!

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