It’s been a while…

Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve posted last. Things are crazy, but I don’t need to tell you that. I’ve been busy, and haven’t able to think anything up, because there have been few new developments on the old writing front here. I am still serializing my work over at Wattpad ( and have been working off-and-on on other writing projects. Perhaps I will take this time to inventory my work and where I’m at with various projects. I’ll go back to the start:

  1. Suburban Vampire: A Tale of the Human Condition — With Vampires. This was my first novel. The feeling I had upon completion was amazing. I didn’t think I could; well, I did. It is not my best work, admittedly, but it laid the groundwork for everything I did since. I think, with some judicious editing, it could be even better; as it is, it marks a milestone for me. Even though it has been (self) published (in print and e-form and on Wattpad), I still believe in this story and its potential.
  2. Suburban Vampire: Ragnarok. The sequel to my first novel, and a far stronger effort (it did win an award, so there). This novel was the confirmation to me that I was really an author. It is still one my strongest efforts, and is probably my favorite of all the stories I’ve written. It is available in paperback and electronic formats, and at Wattpad.
  3. Suburban Vampire: Reckoning. The third in the Suburban Vampire series. It has a bit of a darker tone than the first two SV novels, especially considering it takes on a real-world issue (that of human trafficking). There is also a twist in the story line that really forced me, as an author, to earn my story-telling chops (and I think I succeeded in pulling this twist off). I had intended on self-publishing this novel; alas, it was not to be — well, except that I have put it up on Wattpad! So, it is published, in a manner of speaking.
  4. The Holy Death. Fourth in the Suburban Vampire series, it returns to the lighter style of Ragnarok while also delving into the backstory of one of my favorite characters, Jeremiah. This was another one that was fun to write and fun to read. I am currently serializing this one at Wattpad.
  5. Suburban Vampire: Redemption. This is the fifth and most epic in the Suburban Vampire series, featuring the baddest bad guy I’ve come up with yet and a massive battle scene set in the high desert of Central Oregon. This project was so large that I’ve split it up into two books, titled Book I: The Scourge of God, and Book II: Leviathan. It is also darker in tone (darker even than Reckoning) and was, at times, very difficult for me to write (I’ve discussed that in some previous blog entries). I plan on serializing this work at Wattpad, as well.
  6. The Book of Origins. I’ve mentioned this before on this blog; it’s the collection of backstories of some of the main vampire characters from the Suburban Vampire series. It’s of a different form than my other work; for one, there are no chapters, but “books”. This work is epic, perhaps even more so than Redemption, for it spans several thousand years of history (I want to call it SV’s version of The Silmarillion, but that’s overly pretentious). I plan on posting this at Wattpad.
  7. Thorn. Set in the same universe as the Suburban Vampire series, but in a different city and with different characters. This novel is set around the character of Cooper Thorn, a hard-boiled burned-out alcoholic ex-Seattle cop and new agent of Ministry. This was my first expedition into a more noirish style of story, complete with first-person narrative. It was also an experiment in writing a main character who is not easy likeable and not “politically correct”, who prefers to settle disputes with his fists and his guns, a throwback to the old hard-boiled detective noir of writers like Mickey Spillane, Raymond Chandler, or Dashiell Hammett, but in a paranormal/supernatural milieu. I do not plan on posting this one on Wattpad, nor do I ever see myself self-publishing it. In fact, I doubt that this one will ever see publication in any form.
  8. Boston Betty. Also previously mentioned here, this was my second foray into noir territory with this SV spinoff following part of the backstory of the character of Elizabeth. I really feel that this is one of my strongest efforts, and quite possibly the best thing I’ve written yet. I do not plan on putting it on Wattpad or self-publishing; I am shopping it out to agents and publishers (two-hundredth time is a charm, right?). I have high hopes for this one, and hope it eventually makes it out there.
  9. Short stories: I am amassing a series of short stories set in the SV universe; who knows, maybe I’ll eventually put together an anthology (one of those stories was posted right here, on this blog: Merry Christmas, Grace Montoya). This is a continuing project.
  10. The Unaware Ones. A thriller/horror/suspense story about unaware angels and the demons who are out to get them. Unfinished at this time, and I have no timetable for completion.
  11. Good Dog. Another SV spin-off, this time following Zed Mitsubishi. Just started on this, so obviously, there’s no timetable for completion.
  12. Untitled High Fantasy project. I am getting out of the paranormal/supernatural/urban fantasy genre for this and diving into the realm of swords and sorcery. Think of this as a much more light-hearted version of Game of Thrones. Sure, there will be action, as befits a story with swords and warriors, but overall it will be fun and not at all serious. Just started, and again, no timetable for completion.

And that’s it, I think. This is where I’ve been and where I’m going. I hope something in this pile eventually catches on somewhere!

Number Eight is down!!!

That’s right, I have completed my eighth novel-length project! That feeling of accomplishment, when you’ve come to a certain point and can add no more, is hard to describe, but it’s awesome! Wow. Number eight. I have come a long ways since I started penning the first Suburban Vampire novel, way back in 2014. I never thought I’d finish that one, and now I’m eight in, with more to come. I got to say, it feels great. Now, the trick is to get publishers to even look at it. I hope they do, because it’s definitely taking a look at.

The novel is titled Boston Betty. It is a spin-off from my Suburban Vampire series, focused on the character of Elizabeth. It is set in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, during the height of prohibition. I’d describe it as Boardwalk Empire meets True Blood. It is the story of Elizabeth and how she came to America, and how she became involved in a struggle between the Italian and Irish mobs. It is filled with action and bloody violence, as one would expect from either a gangster or vampire novel. It is also filled with emotion and a few touching moments. I’m hoping this one gets noticed, because I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever written.

I really hope you all are able to read it someday!

“Reckoning” on line!

I mentioned previously that I would be publishing my work on Wattpad. Well, I’ve already put the first two Suburban Vampire novels up there, and now I’m beginning to serialize my third: Suburban Vampire: Reckoning. Serializing means I’m only going to publish a chapter or two at a time, but eventually I’ll have the full novel up there, as I’ve done with Suburban Vampire and Suburban Vampire Ragnarok. Stop on by and check it out!

(Belated) 4/20 Update

Okay, so I missed out on 4/20. First, I don’t partake, myself, so, there’s that, but secondly, things are a bit different this year, for all of us, so there’s also that (pandemics tend to mess with your daily rhythm). Anyway, on with the news:

  1. As announced previously, I’ve been serializing my work at Wattpad ( So far, so good! I’ve got my first novel Suburban Vampire: A Tale of the Human Condition – With Vampires there in its entirety, and I’ve started posting my award-winning second novel Suburban Vampire Ragnarok  as well. I will be publishing my future works on Wattpad too.
  2. I am currently working on a Suburban Vampire tie-in novel detailing some of the backstory of one of my favorite SV characters, Elizabeth. This novel is tentatively titled Boston Betty. It is set in Boston (what gave that away?) during the years of prohibition. If you like stories of the roaring ’20’s and ’30’s (and the birth of modern organized crime), combined with vampires and all they do, you might like this one. I am having a great time writing it! It’s caused me to stretch my artistic horizons and to indulge my passion for film noir and gangster movies.
  3. My work on Boston Betty has caused me to set aside, for now, my other current project, The Unaware Ones. I will be revisiting this tale of angels unaware when I wrap my current work.
  4. That’s it, for now. Anything earth-shattering or mind-blowing will be posted here. In the meantime, take care of yourselves! Now, with social distancing and self-isolation becoming a big thing, self-care is more important than ever. It’s also a great time to read all those books you said you’d get to eventually! Yeah, I know, I need to take my own advice…