“Reckoning” on line!

I mentioned previously that I would be publishing my work on Wattpad. Well, I’ve already put the first two Suburban Vampire novels up there, and now I’m beginning to serialize my third: Suburban Vampire: Reckoning. Serializing means I’m only going to publish a chapter or two at a time, but eventually I’ll have the full novel up there, as I’ve done with Suburban Vampire and Suburban Vampire Ragnarok. Stop on by and check it out!

(Belated) 4/20 Update

Okay, so I missed out on 4/20. First, I don’t partake, myself, so, there’s that, but secondly, things are a bit different this year, for all of us, so there’s also that (pandemics tend to mess with your daily rhythm). Anyway, on with the news:

  1. As announced previously, I’ve been serializing my work at Wattpad (Wattpad.com). So far, so good! I’ve got my first novel Suburban Vampire: A Tale of the Human Condition – With Vampires there in its entirety, and I’ve started posting my award-winning second novel Suburban Vampire Ragnarok  as well. I will be publishing my future works on Wattpad too.
  2. I am currently working on a Suburban Vampire tie-in novel detailing some of the backstory of one of my favorite SV characters, Elizabeth. This novel is tentatively titled Boston Betty. It is set in Boston (what gave that away?) during the years of prohibition. If you like stories of the roaring ’20’s and ’30’s (and the birth of modern organized crime), combined with vampires and all they do, you might like this one. I am having a great time writing it! It’s caused me to stretch my artistic horizons and to indulge my passion for film noir and gangster movies.
  3. My work on Boston Betty has caused me to set aside, for now, my other current project, The Unaware Ones. I will be revisiting this tale of angels unaware when I wrap my current work.
  4. That’s it, for now. Anything earth-shattering or mind-blowing will be posted here. In the meantime, take care of yourselves! Now, with social distancing and self-isolation becoming a big thing, self-care is more important than ever. It’s also a great time to read all those books you said you’d get to eventually! Yeah, I know, I need to take my own advice…

Suburban Vampire Goes Serial!

Hey there! I mentioned in a previous blog post that I was considering alternatives to standard self-publishing, and I think I found something. It’s on-line serialization! Some popular authors got their start this way, so I thought I’d give it a go. The site I will be posting on is called Wattpad. They’re big stuff and have a lot of reach. They are accessible on-line and via downloadable app for your smartphone. In fact, they are a pioneer in the world of downloadable app reading. This is a new way to make my work available to a whole new demographic, and maybe even get ol’ FP noticed by publishers and producers! Anyway, come join me at WattPad; after I publish both the first Suburban Vampire novel and Ragnarok there, I’ll be putting up the third novel, Suburban Vampire: Reckoning. Stop by WattPad and check it out!


FP does Fan Fiction!!!

That’s right, I have joined the legions of writers of fan fiction. Now, why would I, a “serious author” (whatever that is, I don’t know) write a work of fan fiction? Well, number one, because it’s just plain damn fun, and second, because it’s great exposure (some very popular authors got their start writing fan fic. I mean, please don’t make me mention Fifty Shades of Grey). This particular work is a crossover between the universes of the Dexter Showtime TV series and the MCU Punisher Netflix series. I hope you enjoy (and tell all your friends!): https://archiveofourown.org/works/23160040

An Important Announcement

Back in 2017, I self-published the my first novel, Suburban Vampire: A Tale of the Human Condition – With Vampires. Self-publication was not my first desire; in fact, I avoided it, coming to choose the self-published path with great reluctance. This was after two years and countless numbers of rejections. I was tired of dealing with the traditional publishing industry with its fear of unknown quantities and its desire to publish only the next (insert popular author here). So, I took it upon myself to get the story of Scott Campbell out to the public on my own. It was a fun adventure, and, truth be known, I am glad I did it. It was satisfying in so many different ways — that is, except financially. Now, most authors don’t make a whole lot of money. In fact, most of them barely break even. You only hear about the big successes — the Grishams, the Kings, the Rowlings, the Gabaldons, the Martins, the Clancys, and so forth — but the fact is, they are very few and very far between. Most of us labor in obscurity, and struggle to pay our bills. The fact is, I have not yet made a profit from either of my novels, nor have I even come close to breaking even. Much of this is due to my own lack of ability as a salesman — I’m just not good at being my own publicist. To break any kind of ground in the self-publishing industry, one must not only be a competent writer, but must be their own publicist, salesperson, agent, social-media czar, and so forth. That’s a lot to do for most of us, and I’ve fallen flat in those regards. This leads me to an inescapable conclusion, one with which I have struggled lately:

I will not be self-publishing my third novel. In fact, at this stage, I may abandon self-publication completely — at least for the foreseeable future.

I just cannot justify the expense to myself. Oh, sure, I have the cash. I can throw the money, I’m just not sure I’ll ever get it back. There has been no return on my investment. At this stage of my life, with bills, debts, car payments, and a mortgage, publishing just to publish  does not make good financial sense. Therefore, it is wiser for me to step back and look into other alternatives.

Yes, I know, there are some self-publishing services that are pretty darn affordable. These, however, come with absolutely no frills — no line editing, no copy editing, no proofreading, no layout or graphic design, no marketing assistance. Those elements cost, and if you want to do it right, then you’ve got to spend the time and money on those things, otherwise your project will come out looking cheap and amateurish (which is one of the frequent criticisms of many self-published works).

THIS IS IMPORTANT! This does not mean I am going to stop writing. No, indeed, I am still going to be working on the multiple projects I have in queue. I am just going to reevaluate how I handle these projects. I am still going to try the traditional route, even as hard and frustrating as it has been. There are other ideas that I am considering, but I have nothing solid on that at this time. I have no idea what the future holds, nor does anybody else.

Do I regret going the self-published route? Not at all. I wanted to get my work out there, and that’s what I did. The process was fun and kind of exciting, and it is very satisfying to see your work in solid form. So, no, I have no regrets. I just cannot justify that kind of expense again, not now.

This doesn’t mean I’m going away. I’m still writing, I am still producing. Maybe you’ll see my by-line in publication again. Even if I make no money, I will continue to write for the art, the love of the craft, and the love of storytelling. After all, those are the things that really matter, not whether or not you make lots of money (although the money is what allows you to do more, like self-publish that art). To those of you who count yourselves as my fans, I thank you for your support and patronage. I understand that this might be tough news to swallow (it is, for me), but I want to thank you for being there for me, and I hope you’ll still be there in the future, because I’m not going anywhere.