Novel Number 9: DONE!

That’s right, my ninth novel-length project, That’s Not How Any of this Works, is in the can (to borrow a phrase from the motion picture industry). It has been a year-long labor of love and plain old hard work, but I can finally call it good — or, if not good, then at least done. Nine novels in nine years ain’t too shabby, now is it? If you haven’t been following, TNHAOTW is a departure from my usual fare into some territory I’m unfamiliar with — I describe it as a “romantic comedy”, but that’s only part of the story. It’s also about the Blues, as in the music genre. This is the novel I never thought I’d write. I am not a “romance” person, but I suppose if I were going to read (let alone write) a romantic novel, it would have to be this one. So, now that this one is done, what comes next? Editing. Lots and lots of editing. Then maybe it will be ready for a beta reader. Eventually, I will try to get this thing published (wish me luck!). So, maybe you will eventually see TNHAOTW, or some iteration of it, on the bookshelves someday. I do have to say, even without being published, it does give me a feeling of satisfaction to be able to say I actually did it!

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