Way Outside the Wheelhouse

Sometimes, you just have to challenge yourself. Sometimes, you have to take the dare. That is what I am doing on my newest project — going way outside my wheelhouse, so to speak, and forcing myself to expand my horizons and grow as an author. I will bet you can’t guess the genre of my next project!

(Hint: it’s not paranormal/supernatural. It’s not a thriller. It has no violence).

Okay, so those weren’t good hints. Anyway, for my newest project, I am writing…

… a romantic comedy!

No, really I am. Please stop laughing. I am really writing a romantic comedy. For real.

I have decided to title this little experiment That’s Not How Any Of This Works. It’s the story of two lonely, hurting people, an arranged marriage (in 21st-century America!), the blues (as in, the musical style), and a journey of healing and love. I’ve already written a few chapters, and let me tell you, I’m plowing ahead, balls to the wall.

I’m not known as a romantic, although there are certainly romantic elements in my Suburban Vampire series. Still, no one I know would consider me a romance-writing type, because I am not. I am going way outside my comfort zone here, not only with the genre, but also because music is going to be a large part of this story. Don’t get me wrong, I love music (especially blues), I’m just not a very musical person (I have recruited help from musical people, so hopefully it will work out somehow). Now, that being said, I’ve actually written a couple blues songs (lyrics only — again, I’m not a music man) that go along with the story and will be integrated into the novel.

Obviously, I don’t have all the details worked out (like, how graphic do I want to get? I mean, I’m still Franklin Posner, and I’m not writing Fifty Shades of Anything, so I do have my limits, I’m just not sure where those should be, exactly, for the purposes of this story), but I am still going along. It will probably be a try-fail-try again kind of thing, but that’s the only way to learn.

Anyway, that’s where my head is at. It’s a scary place, but I should be used to scary places by now. Please wish me luck — I’m gonna need it!

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