4/20 Update 2022!

Why did I choose this day to do my yearly updates? I have no idea (and no, it’s not the obvious — I don’t partake in the stuff, myself). Anyway, I don’t have much to tell you about this year, except….

  1. I am still working on that weird (for me, anyway) novel project which I have titled That’s Not How Any Of This Works. It is, as mentioned, a sort-of romantic comedy; I have tentatively subtitled it as ‘a story of love, healing, and the Blues’. I am forging ahead and am more than half-way done with much left to do. It will be unusually long for a romance (most commercial romance novels are pretty short. relatively speaking), but oh well, that’s how I roll. I can’t believe I’ve made it this far — and no monsters, violence, weapons, explosions, or chase scenes! Anyway, I’m enjoying this excursion from my usual thing. Maybe you will, too.
  2. I am still trying to get my award-winning novel Boston Betty published. No joy so far, unfortunately. I am sure I’ll get there eventually. A little help is always be appreciated; thoughts, prayers, good vibes, whatever. Maybe, in consideration of this day, a new hashtag? #LegalizeBostonBetty ? It’s worth a shot, I suppose…

That’s about it, so far. Everything else is on the back burner until I can get TNHAOTW finished up (truth be told, I’m having fun with this one).

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