Early October Update

Hey there! Just thought I’d check in and let everybody know what I was up to. Long story made short, I’m still writing stuff. But if you must know the details…

A. I am currently working on a couple new projects. My first project is titled The Unaware Ones. It is, like my previous stuff, in the realm of the supernatural (in fact, I started out considering writing this as Supernatural fan fiction — the fan fiction route gets some authors noticed, but it’s no guarantee. I then decided that I didn’t want to be restricted by another creator’s universe, so I went away from fan fiction). This work focuses on angels and demons and the battle between the forces of dark and light. In this project, there are angels who walk among us in human flesh, made completely unaware that they are angels. When information is leaked to demonic forces, they begin hunting the unaware ones down. It’s got action, suspense, and some pretty creepy and horrific moments, and that’s just the first few chapters!

B. I’ve also broken ground on another supernatural/paranormal project, this one titled Buck Buchanan, Paranormal Investigator. Buck is “gifted”; i.e. he’s a medium or a sensitive (or, as one of the characters refers to him, an “insensitive”). He’s also a slob and a lout, and doesn’t win people over with his charm, because he has none. I haven’t gotten very far on this project yet, since it’s taken backseat to The Unaware Ones. However, I will eventually get back to it.

C. I have a third project in mind, but I don’t have a title or even a direction for it yet. This projects takes the creepy or evil clown trope and puts it on its head, with a creepy clown who is a vigilante and who defends the innocent. I don’t plan on this to be supernatural or paranormal, but a action/suspense/thriller sort of thing. That’s all I have on that, right now.

D. Yes, I will be resuming the Suburban Vampire series, starting with a new story arch for my next SV novel, which I tentatively call Scott Campbell and the Holy Grail. It won’t be like Monty Python’s version, but it will be fun, and hopefully a bit lighter than the last SV novel, Suburban Vampire Redemption. Just keep your eyes open for that one!

E. After-action report from the Fall Festival of the Arts: I enjoyed it! A good time was had by all. I got to hang out with other talent authors and spread the Suburban Vampire word. I autographed some books, handed out a bunch of business cards, and, best yet, I sold more books there than at any other event I’ve been to. I hope they’ll have me back next year!

That’s all I got for now… again, keep watching this space for more!!!

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