Suburban Vampire Goes Serial!

Hey there! I mentioned in a previous blog post that I was considering alternatives to standard self-publishing, and I think I found something. It’s on-line serialization! Some popular authors got their start this way, so I thought I’d give it a go. The site I will be posting on is called Wattpad. They’re big stuff and have a lot of reach. They are accessible on-line and via downloadable app for your smartphone. In fact, they are a pioneer in the world of downloadable app reading. This is a new way to make my work available to a whole new demographic, and maybe even get ol’ FP noticed by publishers and producers! Anyway, come join me at WattPad; after I publish both the first Suburban Vampire novel and Ragnarok there, I’ll be putting up the third novel, Suburban Vampire: Reckoning. Stop by WattPad and check it out!

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