Number Eight is down!!!

That’s right, I have completed my eighth novel-length project! That feeling of accomplishment, when you’ve come to a certain point and can add no more, is hard to describe, but it’s awesome! Wow. Number eight. I have come a long ways since I started penning the first Suburban Vampire novel, way back in 2014. I never thought I’d finish that one, and now I’m eight in, with more to come. I got to say, it feels great. Now, the trick is to get publishers to even look at it. I hope they do, because it’s definitely taking a look at.

The novel is titled Boston Betty. It is a spin-off from my Suburban Vampire series, focused on the character of Elizabeth. It is set in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, during the height of prohibition. I’d describe it as Boardwalk Empire meets True Blood. It is the story of Elizabeth and how she came to America, and how she became involved in a struggle between the Italian and Irish mobs. It is filled with action and bloody violence, as one would expect from either a gangster or vampire novel. It is also filled with emotion and a few touching moments. I’m hoping this one gets noticed, because I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever written.

I really hope you all are able to read it someday!

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