“The Scourge of God” is now on-line!!!

That’s right, the first part of the epic fifth novel in the Suburban Vampire series is now on-line at Wattpad! Suburban Vampire: Redemption, Book I: The Scourge of God is the continuing story of Scott Campbell. It’s set six years after the events of The Holy Death and tells of the arrival of a powerful demon god who intends on destroying the world of humans while enslaving his creation, the vampire Jeremiah. At the same time, Scott must deal with a rogue vampire slayer who is in town looking to take his head, as well as dealing with a family crisis. It’s a lot of stress for a new vampire! I will warn you, much of this novel was hard for me to write, as it goes into a lot of personal things I’d been dealing with at the time. I’ll also warn you that there are a few chapters where you will need to get the hanky ready for a good cry (which is why it was hard for me to write). It’s the perfect set-up for the epic battles that will come in Suburban Vampire: Redemption, Book II: Leviathan. Below is the link; you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you will enjoy. Cheers!


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