“Redemption” is complete!!!

That’s right, my epic masterwork, Suburban Vampire: Redemption, is now completely on-line at Wattpad. This was the longest (and the toughest) project I have done so far, and I’m glad to finally have it available so all can read it. Check it out!



“Boston Betty” makes the long list!!!

That’s right, my novel Boston Betty (unpublished manuscript, mind you) has made the Chanticleer International Book Awards (CIBA) Paranormal Fiction Awards Long List for 2020 (remember, my novel Suburban Vampire Ragnarok took First in Category from the 2018 CIBA Paranormal awards)! That means it has survived the big slush pile and is in the running for further advancement! For you who may not be aware, Boston Betty is a spin-off from my Suburban Vampire series following the character of Elizabeth. As mentioned, it is unpublished; hopefully this will help get some attention from publishers and agents!

VAMPIRE UP! A Suburban Vampire Anthology!

I have just launched, on WattPad, something kind of special. It’s going to be a collection of short stories, all of them based in the Suburban Vampire universe. I’ve titled it VAMPIRE UP! A Suburban Vampire Anthology. This is going to be an ongoing and open-ended project that will slowly grow over time, as time allows. I’ve got a few short stories ready and will be working on more. Eventually, I may even call for submissions! For now, however, I’ve already published my first story, a story which first appeared here in this blog, titled Merry Christmas, Grace Montoya. If you haven’t already read it, it’s a dark Christmas tale with a fun twist at the end. Anyway, keep your eyes on WattPad, because I’ll eventually be adding to this collection. Enjoy!


“The Scourge of God” is now on-line!!!

That’s right, the first part of the epic fifth novel in the Suburban Vampire series is now on-line at Wattpad! Suburban Vampire: Redemption, Book I: The Scourge of God is the continuing story of Scott Campbell. It’s set six years after the events of The Holy Death and tells of the arrival of a powerful demon god who intends on destroying the world of humans while enslaving his creation, the vampire Jeremiah. At the same time, Scott must deal with a rogue vampire slayer who is in town looking to take his head, as well as dealing with a family crisis. It’s a lot of stress for a new vampire! I will warn you, much of this novel was hard for me to write, as it goes into a lot of personal things I’d been dealing with at the time. I’ll also warn you that there are a few chapters where you will need to get the hanky ready for a good cry (which is why it was hard for me to write). It’s the perfect set-up for the epic battles that will come in Suburban Vampire: Redemption, Book II: Leviathan. Below is the link; you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you will enjoy. Cheers!