New short story posted!!!

That’s right, another entry in the anthology VAMPIRE UP! has been posted over at Wattpad. This story is titled Scott Campbell and the Vengeance Ghost. In this tale from the Suburban Vampire universe, Scott Campbell meets a Vengeance Ghost. Hilarity ensues. If you like creepy Japanese horror movies, you might like this. Check it out, only at Wattpad!


“Book of Origins” is coming!!!

That’s right, my epic saga, Suburban Vampire: Book of Origins, is coming to life via Wattpad! This is another of those big sweeping epics that took me a while to write. It’s been sitting dormant, waiting to be unleashed, so here I am, unleashing it and letting it run around the yard (don’t worry, it’s housebroken). Like my previous works, it will be serialized, meaning I’ll release it in chunks (that’s a literary term for you). If you like big epic stories spanning thousands of years of history, check it out!


New short story posted!

That’s right, just in time for Mardi Gras, I have posted a second short story on Wattpad, in my collection titled VAMPIRE UP! This story is called Blood on the Bayou. It is set at the same time as my novel Suburban Vampire Ragnarok, detailing one of Jack’s stops during his escape to New Orleans. This Louisiana-based adventure is a veritable gumbo of vampires, violence, and betrayal. Check it out!